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Diondra Evans

I'm an Atlanta based UX Researcher and Designer looking to create beautiful experiences

Case studies
Job signal thumbnail.png

Job Signal

A job finding app that is centered around location to allow the user to visualize their next job opportunity.


A redesign that introduces learning a language remotely to students and parents

Desktop - 1.png

Website redesign

Airbnb thumbnail@2x.png

Website redesign

Website redesign


A redesign that allows friends to plan and book a mutual vacation

Eat More Korean

A kiosk app created to ease the process of ordering authentic Korean food.

Artboard – 1.png

UI Designs


My Design Process

Define & Research

Understand business requirements

and current users.

Analyze competitors
Create User personas/journeys

Research latest UX trends


List ideas
Sketch + wireframe
Evaluate + Choose idea


Create prototypes
Define UX guidelines


Implement functionality
Build experience


Perform usability testing
Identify improvements

My Toolkit

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